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Wholesale Pricing for Everyone!

Updated: Apr 19

At Triad, when our larger fleet clients add more volume to a manufacturing production cycle, your pricing actually goes DOWN! Place your order into a larger volume production cycle, and you instantly get the benefit of better pricing because as the direct manufacturer, when our volume goes up, production and shipping costs go DOWN! That's right! Prices go down! Higher volume means additional manufacturer direct savings for you right now on any Triad Model that fits your needs.

You can even place a single unit in to the current fleet production cycle now for your personal use or to test out a new Triad at work. FREE shipping anywhere USA.

Ask about promo codes, or Military Family and First Responder discounts too!

Fully loaded options, including full 1 year parts replacement policy, modular components, 25,000 mile 8 year battery with digital monitoring and more!

Call to speak to a qualified Triad Sales Agent at 1-855-648-7423 today! We can answer all your questions. No time for a chat? No problem! Email us 24/7 Contact Triad by email

Our Quantum Dual model has the power tow up to 600 lbs even with a 300 lb operator!

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