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  • What makes an Original Triad better than ones that look like it?
    The Triad 750 is certified to be the best personal electric vehicle available. Competitor units do not have CE, UL, MD, ROhS, EMC or ISO certifications. Triad adheres to a much higher standard of quality in comparison all other similar looking products on the market. We view this as a professional responsibility to ensure the highest quality product which our competitors do not do. Similar looking products, even under the same brand name switch from factory to factory so they can resell the cheapest product.This is why corporations and rental agencies cannot use competitor products. They will not last and there is no understanding of the engineering for technical service or parts. The specifications of look-a-likes are are inaccurate to make them seem better than they really are. Those look-a-likes are not reliable for adults. The Original Triad 750 is made for adults in need of a long term solution. Only the Triad 750 comes with a real 750 watt motor for speeds up to 25 mph and comes standard with the latest electric vehicle battery technology. Standard safety features include headlight, tail light, brake lights, high quality disc brakes, the longest and lowest cost of ownership. The Original Triad 750 has the added value of having power to spare and a battery that lasts over 24X longer than all the competitors. By comparison, your Original Triad is 33% lighter weight, provides up to 24X longer battery life, offer 4X more “natural” power, is made with much higher quality components to provide years of dependable use, goes much further for a longer period of time and will charge in 1/2 the time or less.
  • What is a "certified" 750 Watt Motor?"
    Triad Electric Vehicles is the industry leading manufacturer of 3 wheel electric scooters for adults, Triad Electric Vehicles designs and engineers the most powerful 750W motors allowed without a license rated at continuous power and provides constant performance. Other brands consistently copy the Triad designs to create look-a-likes and over-rate their performance by stating peak power claims in their specifications but they cannot achieve the speeds, distance or actual performance capabilities to compete. Peak power stresses motors, causes overheating, drains batteries faster and causes electrical shorts. To lower costs of production and increase profits there is a trend for most other manufacturers to use a lower wattage motor and rate their scooters with the “peak output” rating which on the average is 3 times higher the actual rating. A Certified 750W motor operates efficiently with a load at capacity keeping the motor cool and has a peak output of 2250W which is why it will go 25 mph and the other look-a-likes cannot reach the right top speed according to their specifications and they burn batteries, motors and components very quickly.
  • Why is battery monitoring technology so important?
    The battery management system (BMS) in your Triad battery is extremely important to be able to monitor the health of the battery over its lifetime. It is basically a built in computer, otherwise known as a smart battery pack that sends valuable data to your Triad battery smartphone app. This is not a common component on most electric scooters and is more commonly found inside today's electric cars instead. Because our battery is the automotive grade quality, it is important that you have our Triad electronic Smart BMS system to manage and protect your battery from operating outside its safe zones. The system monitors the battery state during operations and while charging over its lifetime. The BMS system reads the temperature and voltages of each cell, calculates and reports data in real time to your app; controls the battery environment, and balances the battery cells during charging. Triad's exclusive battery monitoring technology also includes a thermal management protection system to prevent electrical malfunction. Our Bluetooth BMS Protection System Includes: Over-current protection Over-voltage protection (during charging) Under-voltage protection (during discharging) Over-temperature protection Under-temperature protection Ground fault or leakage current detection This is extremely valuable information for the lifetime of your battery that can last 5-7 years on average or up to 800-1200 charge cycles. Triad BMS system is standard on all 2021 models. This entire system can be retrofit into all previous model years by ordering a new battery. The app for monitoring the battery health is available for Apple and Android devices.
  • Can I remove the battery?
    Yes. Your Triad battery is easily removable and can be charged outside the vehicle. Competitors use lead acid batteries that are hard wired and cannot be removed. By comparison, Triad batteries have 80-100% usable energy. SLA batteries have the lowest energy density per kilogram. SLA batteries only have about 50% usable energy. With average daily use, competitor SLA batteries will only provide enough energy for a few months before noticing replacement is required. Enjoy peace of mind with many years of reliable use with your Original Triad batteries.
  • How does my battery charger work?
    The Smart Charger for your Triad has a dual LED light. It will switch from Green to Red for indications throughout the charging process. When the charger is plugged into the wall, but not into the scooter or battery yet – LED light will be GREEN and the fan will be off indicating that there is power to the charger. When the charger is plugged into the wall and then into the scooter or battery the green light will go RED and the fan kicks on indicating that it is actively charging. When the battery is fully charged, the LED charger light will switch again from red back to GREEN and the fan shuts off indicating the charge cycle is complete. Remove the charger from the battery and scooter and unplug the charger from the wall socket after the charge cycle completes. Then on the throttle, your battery charge indicator will be fully lit, Green Yellow and Red led lights will all be lit up when the vehicle is powered on.
  • Does Triad ever use Sealed Lead Acid batteries?
    No.Triad Electric Vehicles do not use SLA batteries and heres why. Triad batteries have the highest energy density available. Triad batteries are nearly 100% efficient in both charge and discharge. Triad battery which recharges in less than 4 hours. For example, if you use 25% of the battery it only takes 1 hour to charge it up. By comparison, the look-a-like scooters have (SLA) lead acid batteries which have the lowest energy density. Lead acid batteries only have 50% usable energy. It takes 8 – 16 full hours to recharge lead acid batteries. Lead acid batteries can not continue to recharge up to full capacity and have less and less energy to use every time you charge them. You will need to buy and have someone install 100 (SLA) batteries to equal the original battery that comes with your Triad. There's literally a ton of energy in your Triad Battery. One 6 lb. Triad battery equals 2000 lbs. of SLA batteries that our competitors use.
  • What forms of payments do you accept?
    Payments can be made securely by credit/debit card by phone with a customer care representative or online. We also can do buisness by secure wire transfer.
  • How long will it take me to get my scooter?
    Air Shipping on single units averages 10-15 days once manufacturing and packaging is complete. Ocean Freight shipping on wholesale orders averages 22-35 on the water to the port of destination once the shipment arrives at the port of departure. MOQ 10 units on wholesale orders. A qualified customer care representative will contact you within 24 hours after receiving your order to confirm the order and shipping details and to provide the notification timeline after your order is placed. If you have already ordered your Triad, you may refer to the email order confirmation for a detailed production and delivery timeframe.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes. We ship throughout the US, Canada, UK, EU and Australia. For international shipments, a final destination delivery fee may be required to be paid directly by the receiver to the shipper. Rates can vary based on the final destination address and average between USD $90-$120 on average.
  • Can I drive my Triad in the rain?
    Yes, but It is not intended to be driven in severe weather conditions. We recommend that you dry your Triad off to prevent excess moisture from entering of your vehicle.
  • What does your Parts Replacement Policy cover?
    As the industry leader and direct manufacturer, Triad offers the first party purchaser a full 1-Year Parts Replacement Policy against any OEM defects.
  • Who can do the service for my Triad?
    Service and maintenance has been simplified for your Triad with modular replacement parts. Step by step instructions related to maintenance procedures are included in your original order documentation within the User Manual and Troubleshooting Guide downloads. Modular spare parts are included in your order at no charge for any requirement into the future. You may also have a 3rd party professional technician in your area complete the support form online at once they have completed an inspection diagnostic.
  • Why Not to Buy Electric Scooters from 3rd Party Resellers like Walmart and Amazon?
    Top 5 Reasons Why Not to Buy Electric Scooters from 3rd Party Resellers like Walmart and Amazon 5. 3rd party resellers do not take responsibility for customer service because they have no product knowledge. A 3rd party reseller is defined as anyone who is not the manufacturer – e.g. Amazon, Overstock and Walmart would be examples of 4th parties because they are processing the sale and the order is being commissioned to them by the 3rd party reseller of a random importer that has no control over production and supply chain. 4. Technical assistance and questions about functionality only get you the runaround until the 30 day warranty runs out. There are endless reviews of people frustrated by this primarily because they did not fully understand the importance of purchasing these kinds of products directly from the manufacturer who supports the product they make. Overstock Order Customer Review: “We received the scooter and rode it 2 days and it no longer works. It lost power and now no longer turns on. We emailed vendor and have yet to receive a response. Extremely disappointed. $*** apparently lost. - Kim M. May 5, 2020” What she did not realize from ordering from Overstock/3rd party reseller is that product likely sat on a shelf for months before the 3rd party reseller finally sold it. Now the battery is dead from day one for her because it’s not newly manufactured, and she is dealing with all 5 reasons in this article. 3. 3rd party sales automatically void any OEM warranties to 1st party purchasers. Manufacturers always provide support to the 1st party purchaser. Since the reseller is most likely providing a drop ship order from the original purchaser of the equipment, the 3rd party reseller cannot hold the warranty, and the secret to this problem is that they are selling it to and end user customer with a nontransferable factory warranty. The end user, generally the 5th party, gets left holding the bag and no recourse or way to get technical information or solutions whatsoever. 2. Products sold by resellers generally have incorrect specifications. Example of Features & Specifications with corrective details for 350W 3 wheel scooters being sold online by 3rd party resellers and random importers. Motor power: 350 Watt Brushless Hub Motor Most 350W scooters with 3 12v batteries are actually 170W motors with the controller amplified 2x over the limit. Battery: Three 12v 12ah Batteries (36v total) These are the lowest energy batteries available and require constant replacement. Max Weight Capacity: 220 lbs. Max weight capacity for a 350W motor is 75 kg or 165 lbs. 220 lbs. capacity is instantly overloading the motor battery and causing stress on all the electronic components compounding the electrical malfunctions of the entire product. Recommended Age: 13 and up Should say, Recommended for up to Age 13. This should not be sold to adults. Overseas where it is made, it is only provided for children and adolescents. This is not a product made sufficiently for adult use. Battery System: 36 Volts 10Ah (Three 12v Batteries) This is the oldest known battery. It is the heaviest and least valuable. This is 19th century battery technology. 19th Century technology! Charger Included Battery life: Over 300 charges Lead acid batteries typically provide 200 charge cycles or less, as they are being overloaded with too much weight capacity, bottlenecking of energy from improper component voltages, and they never fully charge back up. The energy density of SLA batteries deteriorates quickly during inactivity, charging and during discharging. SLA battery performance fluctuates highly based on external temperature and load capacity. The primary reason for its relatively short cycle life is This is why lead acid batteries have not been put into electric cars since the 1930’s production. Rated Speed: 15+ MPH (weight dependent) Yes this product will go 15 mph IF you are under 165 lbs. but only on flat roadways or downhill. Range per charge: 20-25 Miles* A person that weighs less than 90 lbs. can get 20 miles out of this type of battery. For average adult this rating should be cut in half. Recharge time: 4-8hrs Lead acid batteries will require 8 hours for a full recharge, but cannot recharge fully. As the battery is recharged the battery chemistry is plagued by grid corrosion of the positive electrode, depletion of the active material and expansion of the positive plates. Climbing Ability: 10 Degrees According to EMC lab testing reports for certification, a true 350W motor only has a 7-degree climbing ability at the maximum weight capacity of 165 lbs. (75 kg.). Seat: Wide Saddle Front Wheel Diameter: 16/2.125 inch air filled tires Very thin tires do not gain much traction. Rear Tires Diameter: 4/2.125 inch air filled tires Very small diameter rear tires equally thin do not support the claimed weight limit. At full PSI the weight maximum for this tire is 250 lbs. capacity. Shipping Weight: 83 lbs. Shipping Carton Size: 31x19x27 inches Scooter Dimensions: Length: 41 inches, Width: 27 inches Folded Height: 29 inches Ground Clearance: 4.25 inches Warranty: 30 days parts replacement. But, with no technical assistance from the 3rd or 4th party resellers, and no direct way to contact the manufacturer, how are you supposed to get a proper diagnostic about any parts where no product knowledge is available? How can this be done within 30 days? What happens after 30 days? There is no solution for this problem. Scooter Weight: 78 Lbs. Electric Trike 36v 350w July 16, 2019 - 350-Watt Electric Trike Review It keeps blowing the fuse as soon as it's under a load. I took to Batteries Plus, spent another $150 for 3 brand new batteries. had the wire it, and still blows the fuse everytime. Can't seem to get any help or support, and received it as a gift so they wont honor warranty to repair or replace it. Sold by Walmart; Reviewed by Jrastazz 3rd party has no responsibility and 30 days of runaround leaves customer with no options. Because it was a gift, the 6th party end user is left empty handed and out of luck. This vehicle was never made to carry a full grown adult. It is blowing fuses because the controller is over amplified beyond what it was designed for and this is a problem which will continuously persist inherently. 1. You can get a lot more value ordering direct to the manufacturer. - By ordering directly through Triad Electric Vehicles, a certified 3-wheel electric scooter manufacturer, you will receive a higher quality product which is made for adults built to withstand commercial applications and rigorous daily use by adults. Value is quantified by the amount of time you have the product under consistent use, with the least amount maintenance. Value is also determined within the product knowledge and being able to provide correct engineering details when questions arise. Access to spare parts at no charge within your order is also extremely valuable.
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