Frequently asked questions

What makes an Original Triad better than ones that look like it?

The Triad 750 is certified to be the best personal electric vehicle available. Competitor units do not have CE, UL, MD, ROhS, EMC or ISO certifications. Triad adheres to a much higher standard of quality in comparison all other similar looking products on the market.

We view this as a professional responsibility to ensure the highest quality product which our competitors do not do. Similar looking products, even under the same brand name switch from factory to factory so they can resell the cheapest product.This is why corporations and rental agencies cannot use competitor products. They will not last and there is no understanding of the engineering for technical service or parts.

The specifications of look-a-likes are are inaccurate to make them seem better than they really are. Those look-a-likes are not reliable for adults. The Original Triad 750 is made for adults in need of a long term solution. Only the Triad 750 comes with a real 750 watt motor for speeds up to 25 mph and comes standard with the latest electric vehicle battery technology.

Standard safety features include headlight, tail light, brake lights, high quality disc brakes, the longest and lowest cost of ownership. The Original Triad 750 has the added value of having power to spare and a battery that lasts over 24X longer than all the competitors.

By comparison, your Original Triad is 33% lighter weight, provides up to 24X longer battery life, offer 4X more “natural” power, is made with much higher quality components to provide years of dependable use, goes much further for a longer period of time and will charge in 1/2 the time or less.

What about the batteries?

Your Triad batteries have the highest energy density available. Triad batteries are nearly 100% efficient in both charge and discharge. Triad battery which recharges in less than 4 hours. For example, if you use 25% of the battery it only takes 1 hour to charge it up.

By comparison, the look-a-like scooters have (SLA) lead acid batteries which have the lowest energy density. Lead acid batteries only have 50% usable energy. It takes 8 – 16 full hours to recharge lead acid batteries. Lead acid batteries can not continue to recharge up to full capacity and have less and less energy to use every time you charge them.

You will need to buy and have someone install 100 (SLA) batteries to equal the original battery that comes with your Triad. There's literally a ton of energy in your Triad Battery. One 6 lb. Triad battery equals 2000 lbs. of batteries our competitors use.

How long will it take me to get my scooter?

Air Shipping on single units averages 10-15 days once manufacturing and packaging is complete. Ocean Freight shipping on wholesale orders averages 22-35 on the water to the port of destination once the shipment arrives at the port of departure. MOQ 10 units on wholesale orders.

A qualified customer care representative will contact you within 24 hours after receiving your order to confirm the order and shipping details and to provide the notification timeline after your order is placed.

If you have already ordered your Triad, you may refer to the email order confirmation for a detailed production and delivery timeframe.

Can I drive my Triad in the rain?

Yes, but It is not intended to be driven in severe weather conditions. We recommend that you dry your Triad off to prevent excess moisture from entering of your vehicle.

What is a "certified" 750 Watt Motor?

Triad Electric Vehicles is the industry leading manufacturer of 3 wheel electric scooters for adults, Triad Electric Vehicles designs and engineers the most powerful 750W motors allowed without a license rated at continuous power and provides constant performance.

Other brands consistently copy the Triad designs to create look-a-likes and over-rate their performance by stating peak power claims in their specifications but they cannot achieve the speeds, distance or actual performance capabilities to compete. Peak power stresses motors, causes overheating, drains batteries faster and causes electrical shorts.

To lower costs of production and increase profits there is a trend for most other manufacturers to use a lower wattage motor and rate their scooters with the “peak output” rating which on the average is 3 times higher the actual rating.

A Certified 750W motor operates efficiently with a load at capacity keeping the motor cool and has a peak output of 2250W which is why it will go 25 mph and the other look-a-likes cannot reach the right top speed according to their specifications and they burn batteries, motors and components very quickly.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We ship throughout the US, Canada, UK, EU and Australia. For international shipments, a final destination delivery fee may be required to be paid directly by the receiver to the shipper. Rates can vary based on the final destination address and average between USD $90-$120 on average.

What forms of payments do you accept?

Payments can be made securely by credit/debit card by phone with a customer care representative or online. We also can do buisness by secure wire transfer.

What does your Parts Replacement Policy cover?

As the industry leader, Triad offers a full 1-Year parts replacement policy on all units owned by the original purchaser.

We have the parts you need. You don't have to worry about parts. We got you covered from the time of your order!

Who can do the service for my Triad?

Service and maintenance have been simplified so that we can assist you, a friend or family member to complete all basic maintenance requests.

If necessary, we may also be able to assist you to find a professional technician in your area should you be unable to perform the basic mechanics required. You can also find a Technician under the Support tab on our main manufacturing website

Can I remove the battery?

Yes. Your Triad battery is easily removable and can be charged outside the vehicle. Competitors use lead acid batteries that are hard wired and cannot be removed. By comparison, Triad batteries have 80-100% usable energy. SLA batteries have the lowest energy density per kilogram. SLA batteries only have about 50% usable energy. With average daily use, competitor SLA batteries will only provide enough energy for a few months before noticing replacement is required. Enjoy peace of mind with many years of reliable use with your Original Triad batteries.

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