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Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

Value, is only truly determined over years of reliable operations, and you can only get there with real specs, quality components and engineering knowledge.

Engineered by Design

Triad designs and engineers all their products so you can know what we're made of. We design and engineer all our products with the highest quality components to be the most powerful, longest lasting 3 wheel electric vehicles of their kind.

Did you know all Triad competitors rate their vehicles' motors at Peak power - and that is no good.

Competitors’ motors Peak Wattage Rating further explained: Their 500W motor is actually a 170W motor which is amplified 3 times in the controller. Its "peak power is 500W." It has the stall current advanced so far that there is no free current remaining. This creates constant heat and stress on the motor with anyone over 120 lbs. operating it. This overheating and stress under normal use relies on drawing 3x more battery power by demanding over voltage. This causes a rapid decrease performance and contributes directly to component failure. A true 750W motor goes 25 mph. The peak power of Triad’s 750W motor is 2250W. We rate our motors at constant power because peak power is too misleading. Some competitors claim to have a 750W motor but it only goes as fast as a 500W motor, and it has lead acid batteries?? This compounds the already many engineering problems during daily operations.

Don't be misled by false specifications.

18 mph is the maximum speed of a 500w motor so beware of misleading competitor claims.

All of Triad Electric Vehicles components are 48V and are made to withstand the correct electrical continuity of the battery natural output power. Our competitors use 12V and 24V components but amplify and push 36 and 48V of power from the battery through the controller to use peak power at all times. This technique stresses the entire electrical system, causes rapid deterioration of the controller, can overheat and melt the wires causing shorts, drains the batteries much faster and ultimately destroys all the electrical components.

True Value

Purchasing any new equipment that is obsolete before its delivered and put to use is no way to look for value. Contact us to answer any questions you may have before you make a purchasing decision.

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