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What’s the difference between the Triad and all the other 3-wheel electric scooters out there?

Updated: Mar 29

The short answer is that the motor power, battery, safety and overall quality of Triad Electric Vehicles is far superior to any similar looking product in the market. Triad electric scooters are certified to exceed industrial safety mandates for accurate specifications and electrical continuity between all the components. Triad has been the leader in design and engineering of 3 wheel electric vehicles since 2011 and our competitors are always trying to make their products "look like" ours, but they can not make their products "the same" as ours.

Triad created the lithium battery for 3 wheel electric scooters in 2011, and we continue to advance 3 wheel electric scooter technology with highest quality automotive grade battery technology available for electric scooters with a built in Battery Management System which no one else offers. This is, by far, is the most advanced state-of-the-art battery available for 3 wheel electric scooters. Batteries are everything for electric scooters, and a high powered high tech battery is required for a high power device to use and sustain long term reliability for motorized scooters. Learn more about making the best battery decision for value in the long run.

Did you know Triad is the only 3 wheel electric scooter to use the same battery type as today's premium electric car brands?

Triad is years ahead of the widespread antiquated 3 wheel electric scooter battery technology other similar looking products. Our competitors are still using 170 year old lead acid technology. That makes Triad the only electric scooter for adults that can provide up to 8 years of value using the original battery with proper charging practices. No other battery can do this:

Additionally, Triad uses a superior quick charger, has multiple levels of in-line surge protection, upgraded rust preventative hardware, superior components, high density branded reusable packaging for shipping, offers the longest warranty in the industry, CE certification for the European market, and much more. Style, quality, performance and price are all critical factors to offering customers the best products on the market. Only Triad can surpass the safety and quality standards for high end industrial and commercial use. Competitor products get phased our quickly, and are replaced with Triad units because Triad's original equipment lasts for years instead of months. Quality is just as important as reasonable pricing, and brand awareness creates customer loyalty. For Triad owners, the years of brand recognition alone instills customer confidence, and Triad offers the highest value with the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

The Triad is the only product in its class that can stand up to the demands of a rental marketplace due to the rigorous standards of high end industrial applications. This by default, this has made Triad Electric Vehicles the most valuable consumer product available in its class of personal electric vehicle. Make the comparison to any of Triad’s competitors, and you’ll find that that the Triad will exceed your expectations for high performance, quality and value. Customers are more informed and educated now than ever before. Those who purchase Triad scooters get a better product, more for their money, long term value and and they know it. More quality, better warranty, longer battery life, shorter charge times, more power, lighter weight, more safety, personal color options, and so much more!

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