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What's a Smart Battery Management System?

Updated: Apr 11

The battery included on new models of Triad Electric Vehicles includes BMS. But what exactly is a Smart BMS anyway and why is it important?

A battery management system, or BMS, is a combination of hardware and software included with today's most technologically advanced batteries. Typically this is technology only found in advanced semi autonomous electric cars. It works to control, monitor, protect and extend the life of high end batteries.

The hardware installed on the BMS is a micro processing computer engineered with a Bluetooth device. That means it collects all the most important data about the battery in real time and that sends data wirelessly to an app installed into your mobile device or tablet to read and control crucial information about your battery function.

BMS gives you peace of mind for battery safety and can extend your range and battery life exponentially. This information is extremely valuable as batteries age. BMS allows you to actually see into the battery and understand where it is throughout it's lifespan.

Even if your battery is charging outside the vehicle, or if you do not like using smart phone apps, Triad has made it easy to monitor with the first of its kind digital touchscreen built in on the battery itself.

Maybe you have more than 1 battery, or maybe you only have one battery and use your Triad seasonally. Perhaps your battery is in dormant storage most of the year, that's ok with your Triad because now, with the touchscreen, its even easier to keep your battery balanced and charged with all the data you need at the push of a button. No more guesswork.

The best part is that there is a full color touchscreen right on the battery itself providing all the information about the battery and a computer inside that is managing hundreds of operations per second to keep your battery safe and healthy for years to come with proper charging practices. When battery life matters, nothing else even comes close.

11 Important Functions Triad's Smart BMS Automatically Provides

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