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11 important functions Triad Smart BMS automatically provides.

Updated: Mar 29

There are 11 important functions BMS hardware and reporting automatically provides.

Triad's Exclusive BMS [Battery Management System] Protection:

  1. Reports real time battery discharge data a during use in operations.

  2. Reports real time battery charging data a while charging.

  3. Controls the charger to ensure proper charge of the battery.

  4. Manages cell balance to ensure optimum performance of the battery.

  5. Over-current protection during charge and discharge cycles.

  6. Over-voltage protection during charge and discharge cycles.

  7. Under-voltage protection (during discharging).

  8. Thermal Management of over-temperature protection in dormancy, and during charge and discharge cycles.

  9. Thermal Management of under-temperature protection in dormancy, and during charge and discharge cycles.

  10. Ground fault or leakage current detection in dormancy, and during charge and discharge cycles.

  11. Maintenance via BMS

Real time battery discharge data in dormancy, during use and while charging.

Allows you, a qualified technician or anyone else with basic computer skills to see directly into the battery while the battery is in storage, in operations or even when it is charging. Monitor the overall health of the battery both now and years into the future. You can easily see each and every individual battery cell's voltage, temperatures etc. with a easy to read digital readout.

Manages cell balance

Balancing is necessary in today's multiple cell electric vehicle batteries. The weakest cell limits the total performance of the battery. The integrated smart BMS device controls the cell balancing according to a predetermined algorithm.

Safety Control

BMS is designed to avoid overcharging, over-discharging and other major anomalies that can occur in case of battery failure. For example, extra current draw from vehicle components or auxiliary equipment like the motor under extreme stress due to overload in capacity or surrounding environment like low tire pressures going up steep hills. The action of the electronic battery management system can be a physical shut down of the battery or informational reporting of troubleshooting to the user via the app.

Over-current / Over-voltage / Under-voltage Protection

This is a giant leap in battery safety. The built in computer system will automatically monitor for surges in power and shut down the battery to prevent electrical malfunction. Today's batteries are extremely powerful to provide long life, more distance and unprecedented value. One 6 lb. Triad battery is equal to 2000 lbs. of our competitors' batteries.

Thermal Management

BMS monitors the temperature of each cell in all modes of operation (drive, charge, etc.) and controls electronic safety management functions while reading the temperature of the battery.

Ground fault or leakage current detection

This part of the system works much like the GFCIs in your house where your electrical sockets are near water. It means its engineered to interrupt the circuit when a ground fault current exceeds the battery's safe zone limitation and shut off automatically to prevent any electrical malfunction.


Users have the ability to connect maintenance and diagnostic tools to undertake necessary maintenance operations for the lifetime of the battery.

Prevents self discharge during long term storage

All batteries self discharge. Read more. There's no way to stop self discharge, but Triad invented a very easy way for self discharge to be prevented. Only Triad makes it this easy and simple to keep the electric scooter battery in operations for up to 8 years of reliable use. By using our exclusive onboard BMS touchscreen or app, you can monitor the battery over time. Monitor your Triad battery for perfect health with confidence while in dormant storage for months or even years while not in use.

Keeping your battery at 70%-80% charge when it is not in operations has never been able to done until now. Its so simple! Press the button on the battery every 4-6 weeks, see what the SOC (state of charge) is, and balance your battery with our smart charger between 70%-80% with a short 15-20 minute charge cycle until you are ready to use it. It's just that easy.

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