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Quantum Dual 1000W Rear Drive

Triad’s latest Quantum Dual model offers better performance than any other 3 wheel electric bike on the market with a value second to none. Increased power, increased traction, no front wheel spin, increased torque, steeper incline climbing ability, easily traverse thick grass, gravel, dirt bike paths, on or off paved areas and indoor use.


Thank you again & please know that I am extremely happy with my purchase and will definitely be recommending this product to my friends!



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Exclusive Battery Management System

Automatic controls now integrated into your Triad battery for longer distances, advance power management and increased safety.

Plus access your vehicle data wirelessly in the palm of your hand with Smart BMS only from Triad Electric Vehicles.

The Must Have BMS
Triad has exponentially extended your battery range with the introduction of Smart BMS well beyond any competitor. BMS also means peace of mind for battery safety.

Now you can see into the battery and understand exactly what its doing, and where it is in its life cycle. 

Learn More about Triad's exclusive Smart BMS standard.
11 Important Functions Triad's Smart BMS Automatically Provides


Purchasing a Triad is a choice. Triad owners choose quality and value. Triad can take the wear and tear of daily use, because they are built to last!


When Triad creates something new, watch out for the copycats who make something look similar. As an Official Triad Electric Vehicles Authorized Retailer its important to sell the highest quality, most powerful 3 wheel electric scooter for adults.


Triad is the original and best. Committed to long term value using today's automotive electric vehicle technologies compared to all those copycats out there who use outdated cheap components that won't last and pretend to be something they are not. That's the difference.

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Triad is consistently upping the ante. This is my second one and this new battery control with the RWD is a game changer. No other product compares for quality and value overall. Its changed my life. Thank you!


- Ron C., CA


We have a winner... RWD is the stuff!


- Colin D., MT


This thing is awesome!  And quick even in the lowest speed setting.  Well designed and well constructed.


- Tom B., Consulting Engineer; CO


My Triad Quantum Dual was delivered today and about an hour later the battery. The shipping packages for both items was in pristine condition!


- Paul S., CO

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