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Cruise in style, mile after mile!

Triad Electric Vehicles has a long tradition of quickly developing enduring revolutionary innovations for when it’s needed most. 

Yes, we even make a Golf unit with removable golf bag carrier ;)

At Triad we thrive on tackling seemingly impossible work in developing technologies for tomorrow’s challenges before the need is even identified. From creating the first dual independently controlled 1000W rear drive 3 wheel trike with torque vectoring to manage higher weight capacities, steep inclines and off road areas to being first to market with a fully integrated battery management system to maximize battery longevity and safety.

Triad has pioneered many technologies for personal mobility including the first certified 750W [2250W peak] motor and disk brakes with ceramic metal pads for maximum longevity and safety in braking. Here is a quick overview of just some of the features Triad has pioneered into today's personal electric vehicles.

  • Implemented the first 48V automotive grade battery derived directly from the electric car industry. Our battery outperforms all other battery types to manage higher weight capacities, and high resistance areas like off road environments.

  • Introduced the 3-speed setting to regulate power and performance for the operating environment.

  • First to use 48V components to ensure voltage continuity as a quality standard.

  • Triad remains the only 3 wheel electric trike manufacturer with 7 homologation certifications for inclusion to high end industrial use with ability to ship to165 countries globally.

  • The One Touch Push Start, BMS, Front Suspension, Waterproof Quick Disconnect modular motor, Cell Phone Holder and Charger, Security System, Hitch Mount, LED Ground FX Safety Lights, and plug and play Modular Components are all innovations introduced by Triad Electric Vehicles.

The battery performs 5-8 years which is about $7 -$12 per month with full recharges costing less than $.50 cents per charge. It includes a full Automotive Grade Battery Management System. You can also charge mid cycle in a fraction of the time.

By comparison, a lead acid battery has no battery management system, will last about 2-6 months depending on body weight and use. SLA batteries cost on average about $300 per battery change which are done 2-4X per year, with $600-$1200 per year of hidden replacement costs for over the same time frame.

SLA batteries also cost 4X more to charge at $2.00 per 8 hour charge cycle which is 4X more per charge. SLA batteries force you to charge it twice as often because they only have a 50% depth of discharge and they only provide ½ the distance. SLA batteries take up to 4 times longer to charge and they weigh 10X more.  

For the new Triad battery, all you have to do is turn the screen on when the battery is being stored, and follow the details on page 1 of the battery monitor screen to be sure its being stored between 70-80% and keep an eye on the countdown timer.

With just 1 button you can monitor the battery and keep it working properly for many years of reliable operations.

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