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Replacement Triad battery with Bluetooth enabled Smart Battery Management System hardware installed. Includes Triad's pioneering State-of-the-art touchscreen digital display technology for real time battery data. Free shipping. 

Triad Replacement Battery

SKU: 35435254765
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Color: Black
  • Triad's exclusive digital battery management system (BMS) is extremely useful to monitor the health of your battery over its entire lifetime.
    This latest pioneering achievement exclusively from Triad works as a built in computer within the battery itself that displays simple and easy to read live diagnostic data to our Smart Battery LCD touchscreen. It  also wirelessly to sends the battery data in real time to your Triad BMS smartphone app.

    This is not an option found on any other electric scooters. It would be instead be part of the AI only found inside today's electric cars. 
    However, since your Triad battery is the same highest automotive grade quality, it is necessary that you have this Exclusive Smart BMS system to manage and protect your battery from operating outside its safe zones, and to provide you with a simple way to understand all of the battery data required for many years of reliable operations.

    The system monitors the battery state in dormant storage, during operations, and while charging over its entire lifetime of up to 1200 recharge cycles.

    The BMS system reads the temperature and voltages of each cell, calculates and reports data in real time to the Touchscreen on the physical battery itself and remotely to your app. The BMS system controls the entire battery environment, and safely balances the battery cells during charging. It also manages the battery discharge to take an even amount of power from each internal cell ensuring the best use of your battery in operations, and prepares the battery for a balanced, faster recharge.  
    Triad's exclusive battery monitoring technology also includes a thermal management protection system to prevent electrical malfunction.
    Our Exclusive BMS Protection System with Bluetooth Includes:
    • Digital Smart LCD Touchscreen Display for real time battery diagnostics. 
    • Simplified numeric state-of-charge (SOC) display from 0-100% 
    • Over-current protection (during charging and discharging).
    • Over-voltage protection (during charging).
    • Under-voltage protection (during discharging).
    • Over-temperature protection.
    • Under-temperature protection.
    • Below operating voltage error reporting.
    • Ground fault or leakage current detection.
    • Provides crucial information for the lifetime of your battery that can last 5-7 years on average or longer, up to 800-1200 charge cycles.
    • This state-of-the-art battery maintenance system is another Triad innovation that is now standard on all new Triad models.
    • This new battery can be retrofit into all previous model years.
    • The app for monitoring the battery health is available and free for Apple and Android devices.

    Read More about Triad Electric Vehicles Exclusive Smart BMS

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