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Value Matters More Than Ever

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Quality and value matter more now than ever. Value isn’t measured by getting something cheaper. Value is measured by getting more usefulness for the money that is spent. Triad is dedicated to providing the highest quality, longest lasting, most powerful 3 wheel electric scooters for adults available. Triad Standard Options - The most powerful Motors available - Automotive Grade Battery - The most recharge cycles for years of reliability - Durable DOT rated Tires - Disc Brakes

- Headlight, Tail Light, Brake Light and Safety Lights You can depend on your Triad Electric Vehicle day in and day out for personal and professional use. Triad quality means Triad value. Quality and Value you can depend on, when you need it, when it matters most. Top 6 Triad Essential Activities during COVID-19 1. Participating in recreational activities. Just getting outdoors for some fresh air may seem like a luxury these days, but yes, its ok to get outside for a while to see the sunrise, or go for a Triad Fun Run during this time as long as you are participating consistently with social distancing guidelines.

2. Taking care of pets. Dogs love to walk and run along your Triad. Some just love the ride! Let the pups get their exercise while you enjoy the stroll. 3. Caring for or otherwise assisting loved ones and friends. Checking on your friends, family and neighbors is something we all want and need to do during this time. It ensures we will all will get through this together. Always use best precautions to keep yourself and everyone you care about safe. Remember to wash hands frequently, especially around those who may be considered most vulnerable. 4. Shopping. We all need to get shopping done. Its important to know that your Triad is able to be used as a ADA compliant mobility device indoors in any public area. If you need a mobility device to do your shopping, having your Triad is a much safer option. Wear a mask, use gloves, and be sure to wash fruits and vegetables when you return. Your Triad is made of non porous materials so it can easily be wiped down with disinfecting supplies. 5. Collecting prescriptions. Getting up to the neighborhood local pharmacy on your Triad helps reduce your frequency to the gas station, (avoiding high traffic areas and surfaces like gas pumps) allows you to get out for the time being while being able to pick up needed medications for yourself, family or friends. The bonus, don't forget, for about $.25 cents of electricity charging, you can go up to 100 miles on your Triad. 6. Get out for take out. Being able to grab take out on your Triad not only gives you a sense of freedom during this time, it also helps your favorite local restaurants keep doing business right now. We've had customers call just to tell us that they collect multiple orders so on the way back they can make deliveries to neighbors who are unable get out so easily.

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