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Triad Industrial and Commercial 3 Wheel Scooters

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Personal electric vehicles are quickly becoming a more widely used choice for commercial and industrial applications and it’s a clear choice that the Triad Electric Vehicles models are on top of the list.

From the very beginning, quality and performance is what established Triad Electric Vehicles as the manufacturing leader of the 3-wheel personal electric vehicle industry.

Spend your time wisely when purchasing the right product because real value is only truly determined after years of reliable operations.

Companies always need ways to increase productivity by moving their people over large areas to save time. During the decision-making process, company execs look for ways to reduce the high costs of transportation acquisition and fleet maintenance.

Replacing aging equipment with a fleet of new Triads is affordable and ecologically sustainable.

Companies always need ways to increase productivity by moving their people over large areas to save time. During the decision-making process, company execs look for ways to reduce the high costs of transportation acquisition and fleet maintenance.

For those companies who are faced with replacing aging equipment to move people in a busy, consolidated areas where space is a premium, repurchasing new golf cart type utility vehicles and larger 3 wheel industrial electric machines is no longer a practical consideration. Continuing to pay the high cost of maintenance on these types of aging electric vehicles is also becoming a burdensome expense and key decision makers are looking for a less expensive, modernized alternative for personnel transportation with a smaller footprint. But at the end of the day, the decision really comes down to quality and reliability.

Don’t throw good money after bad.

Sure, there are a lot of products that are out there that look like the Original Triad Electric Vehicles. None of them, not one, performs the same, and once you really know the differences the choice is clear. Triad is really the only option. Here’s why.

Triad’s square tube frames provide the best angles for welding. Our competitors use round tubing for frames because it’s less expensive, but round tubing creates weak weld points and makes for the cause broken frames. Broken frames are hard to fix and don’t inspire much confidence in the safety of the product. The thing is when this happens, its already too late.

Triad motors are rated on continuous power - not peak power. Our competitors rate their motors on peak power. Peak power as a rating for electric motors in our opinion is deceptive and inaccurate because a motor that is working is expected to constantly output what its listed output wattage is. Competitor motors constant motor power is only 1/3 of the listed wattage which means the motor is always under stress. Stress on the motor creates heat and burns out the components. This stress destroys electric motors and burns up the batteries 3 times faster. More on this at the bottom of this page.

Triad batteries last 24 times longer than any lead acid battery and recharge up to 1200 times because we use the highest quality automotive electric vehicle battery technology and design our motors and components to work within the correct engineering parameters.

Durability with versatility and sustainability.

Kicking the can down the road continuing to repair aging equipment may be the only option until you come across Triad. We know it is not sustainable and does not solve your company’s high repair and maintenance cost problem. Continuing to repair aging equipment also does not provide a new ecological solution for decision makers that are seeking to give their personnel, managers and supervisors reliable and versatile transportation for access throughout facilities both indoor and out. They want to cut costs, save time, and increase productivity with an ecologically responsible green transportation product that is easy to use, charges quickly, and can be easy to maintain and in use for years to come.

Spend your time wisely looking for the right product.

Doing all the research takes time executive decision makers don’t have to spend. They depend on managers to accumulate the facts for them to make the best decisions. And those who have been delegated to do the research are inundated with false claims online and salespeople who aren’t manufacturers and most people that don’t even have the working knowledge to understand how their product even works. This is why Triad Electric Vehicles have become the brand of choice in the industrial and warehouse environment.

What company decision makers know is what makes their business and products the best they can be. What they expect the same level of standards from their suppliers. Understanding the key components that make a high quality long lasting 3 wheel electric scooter is required to make an educated purchasing decision. Learn about the key components that make Triad the highest quality, longest lasting 3 wheel electric transportation on the market today.

Price is what you pay, value is what you get.

High quality engineering standards, high quality components, motors and batteries are the heart and soul of Triad Electric Vehicles line of products. The Triad Worry-Free parts policy ensures your company is prepared in advance for years of reliable use from the time of purchase.

For the price of one new Cushman electric utility vehicle you can have a fleet of 10 Triads. Not only can you move more people more efficiently, you can use your Triads indoors and out and reach smaller more confined areas of your facility with greater ease and more versatility.

Decision makers know, when its done right the first time, you invest less time and money over the long term. Value, is only truly determined over years of reliable operations. Call Triad Electric Vehicles today to let us know what your company needs are so we can custom build an order of 3 wheel personal electric vehicles for your facility. You’ll be happy you did. Supporting Figures: Other single person industrial 3 wheel electric vehicles cost nearly $9,000 each new these days, weigh up to 550 lbs., are 4’ wide and 9’ long. Although most large facilities already either own or are at least familiar with these kinds of vehicles due to their many years in operations, today’s high cost of replacement and maintenance leaves most industrial manufacturing plants and warehousing companies searching for a lower cost alternative. Golf cart style utility vehicles are even larger, are generally restricted for outdoor use only, can’t share the indoor lanes with forklifts, and just one of these types of vehicles can be upwards of $14,000 brand new plus tax and the cost of shipping.

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