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Triad 750 SE Seat with Backrest  - Lithium BMS

Triad 750 SE Seat with Backrest - Lithium BMS

$2,499.00 Regular Price
$1,889.30Sale Price
Sales Tax Included

30% OFF with Free Shipping. Shock Seat and Backrest, 750W Motor, Exclusive Smart BMS, Disc Brakes, Front Basket, Headlight, Tail Light, Brake Light, Horn, Reverse, Rear View Mirror, and more.

  • Features and Specifications:

    Smallest Footprint, Lightest Weight, Tightest Turning Radius within 27” diameter.

    750W Motor, Removable Battery with Bluetooth Digital Monitoring, 3 Speed Switch 5/12/25 mph, Removable Seat and Backrest with Suspension Shock Post, Folding Neck, Front Basket, Alarm System, Keyless Ignition, Cell Phone Holder & Charger, LED Safety Ground Lights, Handlebar Charging Port, 16x2.5 Front Street Tire, FREE Spare Parts Kit, Full 1 Year Parts Replacement Policy.

    Included at No Charge on Every Order:

    • Spare Charger
    • Spare Front Inner Tube
    • Spare Rear Inner Tubes
    • Spare Front Brake Pads


    • 100% Electric.
    • Up to 25 miles per charge.
    • No license or registration required.
    • ADA compliant for indoor and outdoor use.
    • Certified 750W motor.
    • 3 Speed Switch. 5 mph / 12 mph / 25 mph.
    • 28 Wide, 38 Long and 30H with Neck Folded.
    • Total unit weight only 67 lbs.
    • Increased maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs.
    • One ultra light 6.7 lb. 48V Dry Cell Battery with Exclusive Digital Monitoring System.
    • Full recharge in less than 4 hours.
    • Heavy duty Smart Charger with auto-shut off.
    • Folding handlebar. No dis-assembly transport.
    • 360 degree turning radius.
    • Disc brake with maximum stopping power.
    • No external wires at the foot platform.
    • Super bright LED headlight and brake light.
    • Under Frame Mounted LED Safe Lights.
    • Pneumatic front and rear tires.
    • Rust preventative hardware.
    • Suspension Shock Seat and Backrest.
    • Removable seat post.
    • Wrist Throttle.
    • Green, Yellow, Red LED battery charge indicator.
    • Parking brake.

    *Free Shipping to USA. For international deliveries outside the USA final destination, contact or call 855-648-7423 for details.

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