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Order 2 Triad Quantum Dual rear drive units and save $540. On sale for $2179.75 each, both units are built with Fully Loaded options including dual rear drive motors with torque vectoring plus our state-of-the-art Industrial Automotive Grade Smart Lithium Battery and Exclusive Digital Battery Management System for both up to 8 years battery life with proper charging practices.

Triad’s exclusive 3 wheel scooter BMS and onboard touchscreen exceeds industrial safety mandates and provides crucial battery data 24/7 365 at the push of a button. Hi Performance battery is fully removable, and can be charged outside the unit. Triad's exclusive modular battery can be swapped out in less than 2 minutes with one plug secure connection. Battery can be stored long term by following proper charging procedures. 

You may also now choose the same battery type our competitor's use and change from the high performance BMS powered battery to the SLA battery if your delivery destination is in the lower 48 USA.

*SLA battery option availability limited to Quantum Dual and CSX model for USA lower 48 only. International orders to UK, EU, CAN, and AUS all have strict RoHS regulations prohibiting the use of lead in batteries to protect their environments and to prevent birth defects of their citizens. UK, European Union, Canada, and Australia do not allow any batteries with more the .01% of lead into their countries.

Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska are by air cargo only, and SLA batteries are not allowed to fly on commercial or cargo air flights by law.

Shock Seat and Removable Backrest, Certified 1000W Total Motor Power with Dual Independently controlled Rear Drive Motors with Torque Vectoring eliminates front wheel spin for off paved areas, provides instant traction for steeper inclines, towing, and higher weight capacities. 

The Triad Quantum Dual is the most powerful 3 wheel electric scooter for adults up to 20 mph, 3 speed switch 5/10/20 mph, for use in all public places, Indoors and Outdoors ADA Scooter and TSA Compliant with Front Suspension, Folding Handlebar, Folding Frame, All Wheel Disc Brakes, Rear Trailer Hitch, Front Basket, 2 Keys for Security, Alarm System with 2 additional Remote Key Fobs, Your Choice of Color, Tow Hitch, Headlight, Tail Light, Brake Light, Horn, Reverse, and a spare handle bar charging port. Rear View Mirror and spare parts included with the order.

2 Triad Quantum Dual Models

SKU: 36253561235752
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