Triad 750 SE with Bike Seat

Triad 750 SE with Bike Seat

$2,499.00 Regular Price
$1,999.00Sale Price

Fully Loaded Triad 750 SE:The Triad 750 SE with Bicycle Seat comes standard Front Wire Basket, Headlight, Tail Light, Brake Light, Rear View Mirror, and Front Disc Brake for maximum operator safety.


Fully Loaded Model includes: *Front Basket, *Removable Shock Seat & Backrest, *Alarm System, *Keyless Ignition, *Cell Phone Holder & Charger, *LED Safety Ground Lights (choose Red, White, or Blue), *Handlebar Charging Port, *Removable Battery, *FREE Spare Parts Kit, *Full 1 Year Parts Replacement Policy and MORE!

Included at No Charge on Every Order:- Spare Charger (all models)- Spare Front Inner Tube (all models)- Spare Rear Inner Tubes (SE/SF2)- Spare Front Brake Pads (all models)- Spare Rear Brake Pads (CSX / Quantum)

  • Standard Options

    • 100% Electric.

    • Up to 25 miles per charge.

    • No license or registration required.

    • ADA compliant for indoor and outdoor use.

    • A real 750W motor.

    • 27″ Wide, 38″ Long and 30″H with Neck Folded

    • Total unit weight only 67 lbs.

    • 3 speed switch. 5 mph / 12 mph / 25 mph.

    • Increased maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs.

    • One ultra light 6.7 lb. 48V Dry Cell Battery.

    • Full recharge in less than 4 hours.

    • Heavy duty charger with auto-shut off.

    • Folding handlebar. No dis-assembly transport.

    • 360 degree turning radius.

    • Disc brake with maximum stopping power.

    • No external wires at the foot platform.

    • Super bright LED headlight and brake light.

    • Pneumatic front and rear tires.

    • Rust preventative hardware.

    • Universal Bike Seat.

    • Removable seat post.

    • Wrist Throttle.

    • Green, Yellow, Red LED battery charge indicator.

    • Parking brake.

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