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Triad’s Multi-Layered Approach to Safety in Batteries

Updated: Jun 12

Today’s modern BMS powered high performance batteries are a powerful force, powering everything from our laptops to full size all electric sedans and SUVs. But with great power comes great responsibility, and ensuring battery safety is paramount.

Triad takes battery safety seriously.  Triad pioneered the use of automotive grade BMS powered high performance batteries in 3 wheel electric scooters for adults in 2010. We continuously improve this technology for performance and safety as innovations and breakthroughs are discovered. Triad uses multiple layers of protection to keep our batteries safe and reliable for years of use for the single person, and for high end industrial applications when the battery is being used many hours per day for years at at time. This means your Triad will give you long-term value and peace of mind. By understanding the features we've developed specifically for 3-wheeled electric vehicles, you can be confident in the safety and reliability of your Triad battery.

Exclusive Safety Features: Triad’s Multi-Layered Defense

Here's a breakdown of some key safety features:

  • Battery Vent Valves: These act as pressure relief valves, releasing excess gas buildup caused by high temperatures. This prevents the battery case from rupturing.

  • Circuit Interrupt Devices (CIDs): These act like miniature circuit breakers, automatically disconnecting the battery's internal components if pressure or temperature becomes excessive.

  • Separator Meltdown Design: A porous material between the battery's positive and negative electrodes, designed to melt at a specific temperature. This halts the chemical reaction within the battery, preventing further heat generation.

  • Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC): This is a temperature-sensitive resistor. As the battery heats up, the PTC's resistance increases, effectively reducing current flow and preventing overcharging.

  • Protection Circuit Board (PCB): This electronic brain monitors the battery's health and can disconnect it in case of overcharge, over-discharge, or short circuit.

Venting with safety valves: These valves located on each of the battery cells can open due to Over Discharge, Low Voltage Cutoff, Overheating, and during battery Neglect. Automated hardware circuitry in your Triad battery will electronically enable the BMS during any of these events for safety purposes and trigger specific error codes on the monitor of the battery.

Why Does Multiple Layer Safety Matter?

Reputable manufacturers don't rely on just one safety feature. Triad combines several of these elements for a more robust defense. For example, our battery has a CID that triggers a vent valve and also disconnects the circuit simultaneously. This layered approach significantly reduces the risk of electrical malfunction and populates a specific error code on the touchscreen monitor.

The Importance of Quality

It's important to choose batteries from reputable brands that prioritize safety. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with cheap, unbranded batteries, and aftermarket batteries generally lack essential safety features.


To shop online, visit or call the experts at 855-648-7423 to place your order today and discuss vehicle models, options, features and benefits that fit your needs.

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