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If your battery BMS system has activated the Over Discharge Protection and Low Voltage Cutoff function due to allowing the to self discharge, the system has disconnected the battery for safety purposes.

To resolve this issue, you have sent your battery to our trained technician to safely bypass the BMS and the battery has been restored a full charge for use. Once the service is paid for the  battery will be safely packaged and shipped. 

We prioritize responsible recycling. Unclaimed restored batteries must be returned within 15 days, or they will be recycled using safe handling practices.

Bypass BMS to Restore Battery

  • To prevent self discharge in the future, please be sure to use your battery and charge it for regular use. Regularly check the BMS monitor screen to be sure the battery is being stored between 70-80% if in dormant storage. 

    Be sure to read the user manual for safe charging practices and know how to prevent the battery from falling below operating voltage. Repeated cutoff of full discharge can lead to cell stunting and permanent battery damage. 

    READ: Tips for proper charging practices

    READ: FAQ's about Battery Maintenance

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